I am a software engineer by profession.

I believe writing software is a lot more than just churning out code. Software is incarnation of programmer's thoughts. Software is a way of life. The better one know oneself, clearer (s)he can think, better (s)he can code. I see getting better at life as a way of getting better at writing good software; and vice-versa.

My life more or less revolves around computers and related stuff. I enjoy thinking and thought exercises; writing software is one of my favorites.

I am open to take freelancing work. I have most experience in Javascript/Typescript (both frontend and backend); but can also comfortably work with Python, Rust, and Haskell.

This blog is an open journal in a way. Usually, I write here when I want to - give my thoughts more structure than my personal journal approves - share my thoughts with the world, as an act of shouting in the void.