Making a System for Making a System for Productivity

I thought out hard last night and came up with a system that might (or might not) work. But I have to keep trying till I get it right. Here are some main points of my new system:

#1 Commitment {#1-commitment}

Do 8+ hours on day's priority #1 before you can open any other website/video on the web. On weekdays it should be work that pay my bills, on weekends it can be 2 things, study/side-kick-projects to try new things/or whatever. I am free to just troll around on weekends, i.e do nothing and waste the day. This is the only commitment I make for a day.

#2 Iterate {#2-iterate}

Iterate over 3 days. Do above for 3 days, then review it and come up with a list of things that were tempting me to divert from my plan. Then replace these things with something else, or if possible get rid of them. Improvise and bring changes in my system to remove all the falsities. Also make a list of all the things that were motivating, and keep bringing them back in the system with #3.

#3 Change {#3-change}

Bring something new in my workflow every 3 days. Start using some new tool, make some modifications in Emacs.d, anything. If can't find anything, spin something from good things I got from #2 and bring it in the system with a flavour, or find a creative solution to get rid of something bad from #2

It's not a perfect system, but aiming for perfection has brought nothing but failure for me in past. I am trying to strike a balance b/w practicality and flexibility in the system. i.e for a system that would be flexible enough to improvise over time but strict enough that I won't get lost in managing the system itself. Idea is that I am going to get bored from this system in 15 days max. So before that happens, it should become self-sustaining and would require minimum input, while giving maximum satisfaction.

This is a system that should create another system when it dies in next 15 days, and same should happen after than. Only constant is change. Keep improving, and more importantly, keep changing. Even if it is a step in wrong direction once in a while, just change for the sake of changing. If my system doesn't change, I will abandon it; so no matter how much good it was, it's gonna get wasted. If it doesn't change that is. Change is life baby!

By the way, today was the first day of me using this system. I introduced Trello as a change to my workflow. I used to plan things in org-mode in my Emacs, it's awesome. I changed to Trello just for the sake of changing, and it worked wonders for one day at least. I believe it can keep doing so for two more days. After that, I'll change something else. Not necessarily my thought/todo management system, but anything. I'll come back to Emacs' org-mode some time later. Constant change doesn't mean things can't repeat. Future is what if not a reincarnation of past.

I did more tasks than I planned for today. It feels good.